Cartwheels of joy!


After years of dreaming and planning, scrimping and saving, and using all manner of gentle persuasion, my hubby and I have FINALLY booked flights to Ireland! The country I have always wanted to visit – where, it is said, unicorns guard holy wells in the glens, leprechauns hide their gold in 500-year-old trees, magnificent silver horses thunder across rolling hills, and the saints and druids of old wander among men (and women) and tell their ancient stories in song.

Okay, I guess that’s the fantasy. The reality is probably a lot less magical and enchanting, but I am still doing cartwheels of joy in anticipation!

At the moment, all I know is that we are arriving in Dublin on 22 September, and returning (sigh) to Africa on 12 October. Watch this space, as we refine our itinerary. We have three exhilarating weeks awaiting us! 194 days of planning left to go!

Now I just hope that by September the Rand will have strengthened against the Euro (currently over R12) and the Pound (around R16), so that we can actually afford to live off more than thermosflask tea, apples, biltong and dry crackers imported from back home.


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