Movies of February

We watched a handful of movies this month:

  • Atonement which is based on a book by Ian McEwan about the devastating impact of a single lie.
  • Iranian director’s Masjid Masjidi’s The Willow Tree is set in Tehran, and it is an exquisitely filmed movie about a university professor who gradually loses his eyesight and who has to adjust to a life of blindness.
  • Reign over me stars Adam Sandler in a surprisingly decent movie that involves no slapstick, although there are some seriously funny lines.
  • I really enjoyed the New Zealand movie River Queen about a young woman who travels up a river and lives with a tribe of Maori for some time. The music – at times soaring and almost ethereal, and at other times, ominous and thunderously war-like – was fantastic.
  • Our last movie of February was No Reservations with tempestuously gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones and dimple-chinned Aaron Eckhart. It is all about the dramas happening behind the scenes in restaurant kitchens and the mouthwateringly delectable and lovingly prepared food that emerges from this chaos.

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