A Valentine’s Day Breakfast

This morning, my man surprised me by taking me out for breakfast.

Not to the local around-the-corner coffee shop where we often have brekkie – in fact, we are so predictable, that the owner of quaint little Chez Monet asks “Will it be the usual then?” when we walk in through the door. It seems that we are the only people in the entire history of her restaurant who order soft-boiled eggs, toast with preserves, rooibos tea (me), ceylon tea (Richard) and capuccino (Mom) for breakfast…. even though they do not offer soft-boiled eggs on their menu.

In fact, when we first came up with these ingredients, the restaurant did not even have egg-cups! It took a couple of months of persistently ordering the same thing everytime, before, one glorious Saturday morning, the proprietress waltzed up to our table and said “Ta-daaa! Voila! We now have egg-cups!” It also took a while before the cost of this unchanging combination breakfast stabilised… it seemed to depend on whoever was in charge that morning.

Anyhow, to stop digressing, my man headed off to an entirely unfamiliar place – the City Lodge at the entrance to Pinelands. We must’ve passed the place ka-dozens of times.

They offer a really nice buffet breakfast – you can either go for the R60.00 continental version or the R80.00 version, where you can add on hot ingredients, like fried tomatoes, eggs, grilled sausages, bacon, etc. And there are muffins, slices of toast, croissants, slices of cold meat like ham and salami, jams and honey, etc.

We found a table tucked away in a corner and ‘chowed down’. What was nicest about the whole experience, I thought, was not just the fact that, for once, I didn’t have to do any preparation and absolutely NO washing up afterwards, but the whole feeling of going out for breakfast, surrounded by travellers, tourists and assorted visitors to our fair city.

Most of all, it reminded me of those wonderful breakfasts at the various B&Bs and guesthouses we’d stayed in during our 2006 visit to Germany. It was such a visceral memory – all the emotions I had experienced there flooded back: the sense of excitement of being in a foreign country and that heart-pounding anticipation of all the adventures waiting for us that day.

What a great start to the day!

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