Green and Blue battle it out: Ireland vs France

“Do you want to watch the match between Ireland and France at 19h00 tonight?” asked my Mom.

“Of course!!”

I almost did a somersault with excitement at her invitation. We don’t have a tv, so we hadn’t been planning to see the match. Our ‘payment’ for watching was to bring along a focaccio and a large pizza with banana and red peppers from Bacini’s, a big mixed salad and two Magnum ice-creams (hopefully to celebrate Ireland’s victory!).

When we arrived at 18h45 and hurtled up the stairs – I was really keen to get there early enough to hear the pre-match commentary and sing along with all three anthems – Mom said that they were already in half-time. I was so upset… What stupid brainless moron at MNET Supersport had (*&$%’d up the time difference between Paris and South Africa and failed to type up the programme schedule accordingly?!!! And why hadn’t they told me??!!!

To make matters worse, Ireland was BEHIND 19-6. What a disaster!

By the time we were set up with all the munchies, the cooldrinks and the beer, the second half was about to begin. Personally, my feeling is that the Irish rugby team must have KNOWN that one of their most loyal (and noisiest) supporters had now arrived and was loudly cheering them on, because they actually played darn well.

For a while, though, I was groaning with sorrow when the ball passed into the possession of the French team, which crept up by another 7 points with a spectacular long run try and a very elegant conversion, to lead 26-6. By then, I was choking on my pizza…

Thank the leprachauns, the resilient Ireland clawed their way up to 21 points with a penalty try, a conversion, a proper try and another penalty!

And if time hadn’t run out, I know the Greens would have won!!!!

(This is a somewhat less emotional commentary on the match.)


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