Joe Barber 4 The People

We just came back from a rollicking fun evening out at the Baxter Theatre together with two friends whom we hadn’t seen for a long time.

We had dinner at the Baxter Restaurant before the show, which we’d never done before. Although the buffet there is on the expensive side if you can’t eat large portions, it is well worth it and very tasty. The roast potatoes and grilled butternut are my ultimate favourite. They had a big selection of salads, as well as several main courses – lamb curry, roast chicken, roast meat and grilled fish, and some truly decadent puddings… unfortunately, we had no room left for those, which is probably just as well!

Cherona (thank you!!!) had given us four complimentary tickets to see Joe Barber 4), which has been showing in the Theatre from 4 December. As the show is so immensely popular, the run has been extended until 1 March. We had seen it last year, before the production went on tour across the country. Whole bits of it have changed, though, and I think it was even more funny now! Oscar and David (and the diverse characters they play) speak really fast sometimes and in a very strong accent, flipping back and forth between English and Afrikaans, which kept us on our toes.

I don’t think we have laughed so much for a long time.

If you haven’t seen the show – GO!!! Grab a few friends, and book your tickets NOW!

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