The aftermath…

Well, it seems that it wasn’t Richard’s fault after all, why the power went out across half of Cape Town! What a relief!

I should explain that he was up in the roof last night, trying to install an isolator switch between the geyser (hot water cylinder) and our newly acquired timer unit. (More about that in another post.)

Today we had to break with the happy Saturday morning post-breakfast-at-local-coffee-shop-Chez-Monet tradition of browsing through the Weekend Argus, as it had not yet been delivered to our local supermarket around the corner – most likely the printing presses were offline last night.

I resorted to reading the news on the internet instead. It’s such a different experience – no black ink on the fingers, no familiar sharp smell of freshly printed newspaper, no rustling of pages, no hogging the space on the dining room table to spread out the business section… Instead – the reflective glare of a computer screen, a trembling mouse pointer, and an almost silent hum of the CPU.

I came across an article online, which explained what had happened last night.

It seems that the Acacia substation, which feeds about half the city, shut down – it is somewhere on the N1 near Century City, I think. As a result, the lights went out across the entire City Bowl, along the Atlantic seaboard, throughout the southern suburbs all the way down to Simon’s Town, and most of the Cape Flats. The northern suburbs were spared.

Although 20% of the affected areas supposedly had their power restored by 23h30 pm, our power only came back on at 2:30 am. I know this because I was sleeping very restlessly and woke up when the light in the passage flickered on.

For the rest of the article, click here.

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