Late lunch at Catú: Ireland vs Italy

In order to celebrate the successful installation of the timer and isolator switch, we went to Catú Irish Bar and Restaurant in central Cape Town.

I’ve wanted to go for ages, as it’s the only (?) Irish Pub in CT, and as I am mad about all things Irish. The name Catú apparently comes from the expression Conas atá tú, which means something like, “Hello, how are you?”

They are situated at 38 Hout Street, which is at the corner of Burg and Hout Streets, very near the Green Market Square. There is a big wooden bar along the one side, a couple of times on the side near the windows, and clusters of barstools and tall tables in the middle of the room. There is also a staircase up to a mezzanine level, which is available for private functions. In addition, there are two large-screen televisions downstairs, and both a South African and an Irish flag hang from one of the walls.

When we arrived just before 16h00, the Six Nations Rugby match between Ireland and Italy was about to start. (The other four nations are France, England, Wales and Scotland).

Small groups of people (mainly of middle-age and older) were already seated at the bar and in the centre of the room, talking loudly among each other. We chose one of the tables near the window and ordered a portion of bangers and mash (it was a very generous portion, and even my starving hubby struggled to finish it), and a cheese-tomato-onion toast that was similarly large. In the end, I doggy-bagged the rest and gave it to our car-guard, who seemed quite pleased. Our waiter was the best – friendly, helpful, with a beautiful beaming smile.

I found it a bit odd that many of the customers were smoking. I thought smoking was banned in public places now?

Around 16h00, the two teams of players ran onto the field. And then they played both Irish anthems – the war-like Soldier’s Song (Amhrán na bhFiann), which everyone – even the blokes in the pub – sang in Irish, followed by the more mellow Ireland’s Call. I was so excited because I actually knew the words to both, and could sing along! Yaaaaayyy!!

In the end, Ireland beat Italy 16-11: see here for a match commentary.

Their next matches are:
Saturday, 9 Feb at 17h00 GMT – France
Saturday, 23 Feb at 17h00 GMT – Scotland
Saturday, 8 Mar at 13h15 GMT – Wales
Saturday, 15 Mar at 15h00 GMT – England


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