Flicker, flicker … clunk


21h00 – Our neighbourhood has just been plunged into darkness. At first I thought it was just our house – as Richard had been up in the roof for the last two hours, hooking up a geyser-timer and an isolator switch in the roof. But it seems to be the whole neighbourhood. Mom in Tamboerskloof is also in darkness…. even though neither suburb is scheduled.

We are off to find an all night cafe which makes tea … and perhaps sells a muffin.

P.S. The BP Garage at the corner of St Stephen’s Road and Forest Drive in Pinelands seems to have a generator (makes sense, they do, after all, sell diesel) and thus their pumps work, their ovens still can bake pies, muffins and other delectables, and their tills still ring! (I guess it’s too much to hope for freebies…) They also have an all-night take-away (? I think – the latest we’ve been there is about 23h00) where we bought two steaming hot cups of tea and two scrumptious muffins.

Perhaps it is understandable that the place was packed and bursting at the seams, with cars parked all higgledy-piggledy and customers pushing their way through the queues.

And when we got home, we lit a few candles, put the DVD of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix into the laptop, and had a nice and cosy evening.

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