Spot the kitty?

Our neighbours’ cat has lived with us (officially – i.e. we feed and water her and take her to the vet for her shots) since sometime in 2005. We’ve seen her do some pretty weird things in the last few years, but she still continues to surprise us.

Tonight, she managed to open one of the cupboard doors in the office. I’m not sure how she did that, because it was definitely closed. A chuckling Richard watched her, spellbound, as she persistently nudged it from underneath with her paw until the little latch released and the door opened just a crack. Then she squeezed her (fairly rotund) body through the crack and inside.

I keep a box of my teddy bears on the bottom shelf, and she – incredibly – succeeded in climbing inside it, even though there is only a miniscule gap between the top of the box and the next shelf, and the box is fairly full of soft, cuddly toys… Hm… which is probably why she chose this as an experimental new nest.

So can you spot our kitty?

Spot the Kitty

Spot the Kitty

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