Rhapsodizing about re-using water

As wannabe responsible pool owners, we’ve been thinking for a while how we can reduce our water consumption by re-using the water from backwashing our pool.

Not that we backwash our pool more than once a week or once every 2 weeks, but:

(a) the lawn doesn’t really enjoy drowning in a mixture of chlorine and salt water (we have an ineffective salt water chlorinator which we supplement with a monthly four-in-one floater);

(b) I’m not sure whether it’s a good idea to transform the compost heap into a mudslide;

(c) but most importantly, it feels ecologically unfriendly and unacceptably wasteful to have the dirty water gushing down the drain.

On our many walks throughout the neighbourhood we have frequently seen two companies advertising so-called grey water systems – the Water Boys and Water Rhapsody). As only the latter had a website on which we could check out their specs (some advice to the Water Boys – please get a website! A search on Google only lists the band, which isn’t much use here…), I gave Jeremy Taylor a call and arranged an on-site inspection.

Today, he and his well-trained team arrived with a big green 150 litre bin, disconnected the pipe between the filter and the backwash, and hooked it up to the bin instead. It took less than an hour.

And now, when we do a backwash and a quick rinse, the water fills the bin up to the top. Then we put in a little bit of flocculant (a weird luminous blue liquid), close the lid and leave it to stand for 24 hours. The next day, we unroll a length of hosepipe from the bin into the pool, open the valve, and voilá, the now clean water runs into the pool! No more wastage!

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