Soft and snuggly

Our cat sleeps in soooo many different places: on a chair in the garage, in a cardboard box on a shelf, on the warm bonnet of my car, in a corner of the sofa, in a far-too-small basket laid out with soft towels, on a sheepskin ‘blanket’, underneath the computer desk, on assorted chairs in the house, … never mind all the secret little hiding places in the garden. (I should add that she sleeps A LOT – probably about 80-90% of the time.)

Furthermore, not only does she like variety, but she also likes to push the boundaries of what is allowed.

Her ultimate goal (at least when it is chilly) is to sleep on the bed with us. Without us is also fine, particularly during winter, when the sunbeams slowly and caressingly move across the duvet from midday until late afternoon.

I should admit that we are softies at heart, probably about as soft as her fluffy white belly, when it comes to being strict and disciplined and ‘laying down the law’.

Last week, we got her a new basket from the pet shop. It is chequered red and green, and has a slight ridge all around, which creates a nice enclosed kind of space for her. Originally it was on the floor, but she prefers sleeping higher up, so now it is on our armchair in the bedroom, which means that it is now off-limits to us… Sigh… 1-0 to Tuffkins.

This is clearly a blissed out kitty….


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