Wind turbines?

What with all the ‘load shedding’ going on and the ‘lack of capacity’, Eskom is now demanding of all South Africans that we should reduce electricity consumption and investigate alternative sources of energy.

Why they don’t seem to be researching these, is a mystery. (I suppose it’s the age-old response of incompetent people – passing the buck?) Eskom is still under the impression that coal, gas, diesel and nuclear are the only effective ways of generating electricity for the nation – despite the fact that South Africa is blessed with plenty of sun, wind and water (tidal, not river).

So, as I have always been curious about sustainable electricity generation, I did some search on Google (where else) and found an article on “How I home-built an electricity producing Wind turbine”, with the convincing tagline “It was easy. You can do it too!” It’s an American site, though, so I’m guessing we would have to redesign it and choose different parts for SA.

Given that Cape Town gets a lot of wind from late spring to early autumn – and that’s not thanks to the hot air generated by Parliament being in session, I got quite excited at the prospect of my perfectionist DIY handyman-hubby constructing our own little wind turbine and mounting it on our chimney!

I sent him the link and persuaded him (by promising to make him a cup of tea and to share my special super-expensive dark chocolate with him) to read the article.

Oddly, he hasn’t yet rushed to the hardware store to buy the parts…

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