The Animal Communicator – an extraordinary movie



A couple of years ago, I attended an interspecies communication workshop with Anna Breytenbach (her website).

Anna is a professional animal communicator with more than 12 years experience, having worked with both domestic and wild animals around the world.

She has an almost uncanny ability to tune into the unique spirit of each animal, and to establish a connection with it, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Her aim is to enhance the relationship between human beings, animals and the natural world.

A movie – “The Animal Communicator” – has recently been made about Anna and the work she does. It is absolutely beautiful. It will bring tears to your eyes and a lump to your throat.

Do go and watch it as soon as possible, as it may not be available online and for free very much longer:

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"To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour."
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13 Responses to The Animal Communicator – an extraordinary movie

  1. sybil says:

    Wonderful ! Just finished watching the video. Loved the final bit best of “Diablo” who really was “Spirit”. What was the workshop like ? Did it change how you communicate with your animal companions ?

    • Reggie says:

      Yeah, the story of Diablo was incredibly moving, I agree. The workshop was wonderful; I think it *has* deepened the bond between us and our cat.

      But the thing is, I don’t always feel confident that I’m really ‘talking/listening’ with/to her, and picking up her subtle signals ‘correctly’. The rational mind tends to step in and second-guess. During our workshop, we were asked to bring photos of our pets, and any other animals that we had had a connection with, or that we wanted to connect with, and then we spent some time tuning into each other’s animals. It was interesting that others found it easier to pick up things from ‘my’ animals, and vice versa; I think it may be more difficult, somehow, to connect telepathically with one’s own companion animal, perhaps because there’s all these other layers, expectations, hopes, fears, etc. that can get in the way.

      But the way ‘in’, I think, is always love, compassion, kindness, an inner stillness and openness, rather like entering a peaceful meditative space. What do you think?

  2. Giiid says:

    This was fantastic, what a beautiful and interesting film! Thank you for telling and linking to it reggie.

  3. Bonnie says:

    O wow. I just watch the video, and it was just too amazing. In fact, I almost feel drained. What a wonderful gift Anna has. Thank you for sharing, Reggie. So much truth, and so much to ponder.

    • Reggie says:

      Hi Bonnie – it was a pretty emotional experience watching it, wasn’t it? I also thought it was really well filmed and put together, and yes, Anna has a wonderful gift. I wonder how many of us also have a similar ability lying dormant within us?

  4. 2me4art says:

    My son & I watched the film a few weeks ago. She is what made me want to go up to horses I didn’t know & use my heart to reach them instead of through more common means. Thank you for sharing. ~amy

  5. Went to see this documentary at the Labia, and was so moved. It really helps to understand the sentient nature of animals…. we are all too ready to dismiss this attribute, yet would all benefit from this interconnectedness.

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